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♩ How to Measure for Violin Size (YouTube)

♩ How to Measure for Violin Size (website)

♩ How to Measure for Cello Size (website)

Violin, Viola, & Cello Rental/Purchase Info

Each student will need the following:

  1. Instrument (with bow & case)
  2. Rosin
  3. Clip-on Tuner
  4. Cleaning Cloth (microfiber is best)
  5. Collapsible music stand for home practice  

All of these items are typically available at any local music store that rents or sells violins, violas, and cellos.  String students should bring the above items, along with their book and folder, to every class.

Many parents choose to rent an instrument for their child (at least in the beginning).  Music stores typically have purchase, rental, and/or “rent-to-own” options.

Instruments are available in various sizes, e.g. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, and full-size.  If your child comes with you to your local music store, someone there should be able to determine the appropriate size for him/her.

There are also links above this article to sizing information.

New string instruments often need to be "set up" by the store's repair technician before you take the instrument home.  This process will ensure that the instrument is ready to be played.

Students will need to practice at least 20 minutes per day at home to make good progress.  Before they start attending classes, please help them to plan their practice schedule so that they have a set time and place each day to practice.

Local String Instrument Dealers
Instruments and accessories can be rented and/or purchased at any of the music stores listed below:


♬ Bayshore Town Center Area:

Brass Bell Music Store 
210 W Silver Spring Dr 
Milwaukee WI 

♬ Waukesha/Brookfield//West Bend/Watertown

White House of Music (multiple locations) 
2101 N Springdale Rd 
Waukesha, WI 
14685 W. Capitol Dr 
Brookfield, WI 
(262) 347-3000
869A S. Main St.
West Bend, WI  
(262) 334-4426
1724 S. Church St 
Watertown, WI 
(920) 261-0700

♬ Ozaukee County:

Lakeside Music & Naturals 
115 N Franklin St
Port Washington, WI
♬ Milwaukee’s South Side:

Family Music Center 
5020 W Oklahoma Ave 
Milwaukee, WI 

Lincoln Music House

3379 S 13th St
Milwaukee, WI 



Classic Violins 
403 Main St
Racine, WI



Madison Area:

Ward-Brodt Music Mall
5976 Executive Drive 

Fitchburg, WI


Heid Music
7948 Tree Lane
Madison, WI