According to the CDC, "The best available evidence indicates that COVID-19 poses relatively low risks to school-aged children."
- CDC, 7/23/20:  "The Importance of Reopening America's Schools This Fall"

We have been holding in-person group and private instruction this summer since June 15.  The CDC has called for schools to reopen, so we can confidently resume all in-person instruction this fall, also.  We can provide an even safer experience than schools can.

Nevertheless, it is important that we adjust some of our procedures for awhile in order to help everyone (including parents) feel safe and comfortable in our classes and waiting areas.  We have already been following some of these changes during our current Summer Session of lessons and classes.

Music strengthens our immune system and general well-being.  Hundreds of scientific papers have addressed the neurochemistry of music, and some findings suggest that music may be more powerful than prescription drugs for some health issues.  It is very important that children experience these benefits in a safe environment.

As we begin the 2020-21 academic year, we will need everyone to participate in the following plan of action in our class and waiting areas:

While in class, students will all face the same direction.  Students' seats will be spread out ("distanced") across the class area (up to 6 feet apart).  Academy-owned instruments (pianos, etc.) will be sanitized before each use.

Waiting Areas
In waiting areas, we will provide plenty of space for families to "distance" comfortably from other families.  Some churches are giving us access to even more space than usual for this purpose.  Please respect everyone's choice to physically "distance" themselves from others.  Children in waiting areas should have a quiet activity wth them that they can do, and should avoid moving into or through another family's personal "space" as much as possible. 

Some individuals cannot wear a mask for any number of reasons.  If someone is not wearing a mask in a waiting area, please respect their privacy and assume they have a valid reason.  A separate waiting area (and a separate entrance when possible) will be reserved and available for families who would like to ensure that they are "distanced" far away from anyone who is not wearing a mask.

Leaving the Building
Families are to leave the building immediately after their child(ren) are finished with their class(es) for the day.  This will help keep the building empty enough for everyone present to continue to spread out ("distance") quite comfortably throughout the building.  (Families may stay and visit outdoors if they wish.)

Staying Home
Families are not to attend classes on any days there is illness (e.g. flu symptoms, fever, deep cough) in their family.  In the very rare event that a child appears to be "under the weather" during a class, he/she will be given a disposable thermometer and sent to their parent so that the child's temperature can be taken.                           

Updated 8/8/20