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Classical Guitars


Guitar Rental/Purchase Info

In our classes, we play Classical Guitars (with nylon strings).  We sit while playing, so a strap is not necessary.

In addition to a Classical Guitar and a case, each student will need the following accessories:

Some parents choose to rent a guitar for their child (at least in the beginning). Music stores often have rental and/or “rent-to-own” options.

Guitars can come in different sizes, such as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full-size. If your child comes with you to the music store, the people there can help determine the appropriate size for him/her.

Here is a link to an article regarding finding the right size of guitar for a child.  There are also links within this article to (what appear to be) good Classical Guitars on Amazon. You might consider asking a local music store if you can purchase that same guitar through them (rather than using Amazon), because then the store would make sure it is set up correctly, etc.

Some good brands to consider include Yamaha, Montana, Jasmine, and Takamine.  Decent classical guitars cost at least $100 to $150 to purchase.

New guitars often need to be "set up" and "adjusted" by the store's repair technician before you take the instrument home. This is to ensure that the instrument sounds its best and is easy to play.

In addition to guitars and cases, each student will need a collapsible music stand and a guitar tuner.

You can purchase the required lesson book and sheet music from the Music Academy. These items cost $15 in total.

Students will need to practice at least 20 minutes per day at home to make good progress. Before starting the class, they should plan their practice schedule so that they have a set time each day to practice.


Local Instrument Dealers:

Instruments and accessories can be rented and/or purchased at any of the music stores listed below.


Port Washington Area:

Lakeside Music & Naturals  
115 N. Franklin St.
Port Washington, WI  53074


Bayshore Town Center Area:

Brass Bell Music Store
210 W Silver Spring Dr
Milwaukee WI 414-963-1000


Wauwatosa/Germantown/Waukesha/West Bend:

White House of Music (multiple locations):
11737 W North Ave
Wauwatosa, WI
N112W16290 Mequon Rd
Germantown, WI
262-255-2283 2101
N Springdale Rd
Waukesha, WI
262-798-9700 3218
W Washington St
West Bend, WI



West Allis Area:

Melk Music 8625
West Adler Street
Milwaukee, WI


New Berlin Area:

Cascio Interstate Music
13819 W National Ave
New Berlin, WI


Milwaukee’s South Side & Racine:

Family Music Center
5020 W Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee, WI
Lincoln Music House
3379 S 13th St
Milwaukee, WI
Schmitt Music, Inc.
1409 Washington Ave 
Racine, WI 262-634-5637