Symphonic Band and Philharmonic Orchestra are our upper-intermediate/advanced classes (Level 5).  These courses are intended for students who are ready for a greater challenge musically than Concert Band and Concert Orchestra (Level 4) provide.  Students must pass an audition in order to participate in Level 5 ensembles. 

Returning students must demonstrate their ability to play major and minor scales (up to 4 sharps/flats) and one or two pieces to be announced later.

New students with multiple years of experience (via private lessons or other instruction) may also audition for the Level 5 classes.  They should bring pieces to the audition that they have played and mastered in the past (in addition to major and minor scales through 4 sharps/flats).

Students may audition during the summer (by appointment), or by submitting a video via email by September 1.  (See our Contact Us page for our email address.)